Hydron Membrane Technology™ – Reverse Osmosis membranes for residential, commercial and industrial use.

Treated water, Brackish water, Sea water, low pressure and ultra-low-pressure models available.

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Hydronix Water Technology™ – Sediment filters, pleated filters, string wound filters, carbon block filters, housings, pressure vessels and a broad range of water filtration components.

From parts to build and service your system to complete pre-built systems Hydronix has the components you need.

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Aquatrol™ – Control valves, pressure tanks, distributors, hub & laterals, resin, carbon, chemical feed pumps, and accessories for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Hydrofit™ – Quick Connect Fittings and tubing are high quality engineered products designed to give you a reliable connector for a reliable connection every time.

Hydrofit™ Quick Connect Fittings have been designed to provide you with all the typical benefits and ease of use of a quick connect fitting while providing you with an exceptional value.

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Polaris Scientific Ultraviolet™ Systems are high quality but cost effective ultraviolet water sterilization systems for low to medium flow applications.

Polaris Scientific UV’s are perfect for residential and light commercial reverse osmosis systems water vending machines, food industry, laboratory, final electronic component rinsing and recirculation loops. Standard systems from 1 GPM to 200 GPM and High Output systems available.

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Shok Blok™ filter Protection Valves are designed to limit water pressure entering a water filter, water cooler, drink dispenser, ice maker, coffee machine, or Reverse Osmosis system.

Shok Blok helps protect water filtration devices from water hammer and aids to preserve the structural integrity of your drinking water system.

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Tritton IXC™ – Commercial reverse osmosis systems are used for drinking water, food service, hotels, restaurants or manufacturing applications.

Tritton IXC incorporates a wide range of standard features, have a modern space saving design and occupy a small footprint. Made in the USA with Domestic and Foreign parts, the Tritton IXC systems deliver performance and reliability for less.

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Hydro Guard™ – The Hydro Guard Total Care line of drinking water systems offer a high quality, easy to use, cost effective permanent solution to any families drinking water needs.

They provide state of the art water filtration technology and better than bottled water quality by delivering safe, delicious, unlimited water at your fingertips. Water is filtered at the point of use, not days, weeks or month before.

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Flowlok™ – Leak protection systems are designed to help customers’ safe guard against possible leaks from their water filtration system.

Flowlok leak protection products help consumers by shutting off the water supply to their filtration system if water from a leak is detected. The Flowlok™ Leak Protection System requires no electricity and is an economical device that all water filtration owners should have to help minimize issues associated with water damage. Flowlok™ is easy to install and retrofits take no more than 15 minutes to perform.

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Hydronix Water Technology is a leading supplier of conventional and innovative products used worldwide for water filtration, purification and separation. We pride ourselves in offering Distributors and OEM’s products which offer value, performance and profitability.

At Hydronix Water Technology our commitment to the water filtration industry has inspired us to bring to the market a full line of quality water filtration components which offer performance and reliability. Our diverse experience, product knowledge and industry knowledge have allowed for the development of quality core brands such as Aquatrol, Polaris Scientific UV, Hydrofit, Hydron Membranes and many others.

Most of our brands and products certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI standards so that everyone who uses our products can see and feel the quality that stands behind them. We are committed to the industry and each and everyone of our customers.  For Price, Performance, Profitability and Reliabilty with Hydronix all you need to do is… Just Add Water