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FLOWLOK Leak Protection System

The FLOWLOK Leak Protection System is a series of products designed to help customers’ safe guard against possible leaks from their water filtration system. The products help consumers by shutting of the water supply to their filtration system if water from a leak is detected. The FLOWLOK Leak Protection System requires no electricity and is an economical device that all water filtration owners should have to help minimize issues associated with water damage. FLOWLOK is easy to install and retrofits take no more than 15 minutes to perform.

The FLOWLOK Leak Detector is an innovative device that installs right below your water filtration system in minutes. No special tools are required and it does not need electricity to operate. FLOWLOK Leak Detectors utilize a highly compressed safety disc that expands when it absorbs water. Once the safety disc has detected water it expands and trips the FLOWLOK safety lever to shut off the water entering the water filtration device. Safety discs are replaceable and are economical.

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